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  1. Ive personally seen Geoffrey & Brian in action at 4 seperate events over the past year. When they are in action….the DynoDrag trailer is the CENTER of attention! Cool how anyone that can ride…can race. Safely! Geoffrey commentating the races just adds to the show!!😂


  2. We can’t say enough good things about the guys at All Out Dyno Drags. Our daughter suffers from multiple chronic illnesses and treatments have let a financial burden on our family. Friends of ours contacted them about a fundraiser and they graciously offered their services. The event was outstanding, professionally ran and a ton of fun not only for riders, but for everyone else there to support the cause. Dyno Drags went to great lengths to put on a great show and we can’t thank them enough! At last count over $7,000 was raised for our family that day and we were left with a 15 year old that now wants a bike! Dyno Drags is doing great things!


  3. Saw you guys at the Harley 115th Anniversary, and I put my bike in for a run. It was fun, and safe — certainly safer than launching at a real dragstrip, where wheelies could potentially get out of control, etc.

    Only disappointment is that your ETs are extremely optimistic. A 10-second Harley would be expensive as hell and quite rare, you pretty much need a turbo or supercharger on a Harley to get a real-world 9-second run, yet you were reporting 10-second and 9-second runs for pretty much everyone. I know my bike can’t do more than 11.7 at a track, but on your dyno you reported a 9.9-second run. I guess you report fast times so the customer feels better about their run? I don’t know, but I would have preferred a more accurate simulation of the elapsed time.

    It was fun though.


  4. Just wanted to say that you guys were at 115th in Milwaukee, wi. This past wknd and my buddy and I got the chance to run our bikes on your drag dyno
    “High Entertainment”
    Scott and Jeff running the show plus the other guy (can’t remember his name) but I know who u are with the led lite on windshield to stop us guys at wot. 😂😂😂
    Anyways this was a a good time and you guys run a very nice operation was fun had by all and afterwards took the time to chat and share a few great laughs…
    Keep on doing what your doing and will we see you guys again…
    Class act and stand up men giving us riders a chance to drag race without being in a track…
    Just a good time and left with smiles and adrenaline pumping ….
    Milwaukee, wi.


  5. This is an awesome company to do business with. Scott is an amazing person and loves what he does. Met him two years ago had him at our event last year and will continue to have him as long as he wants, keep up the good work!!!!!!

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