All Out Dyno Drags invites you to be a part of a rare, exciting, and adrenaline rushing event with a custom – state of the art – dual motorcycle dynamometer. This is otherwise known as stationary drag racing. The dynamometer was designed by Mustang and Mad Hatter Performance llc.

ALL OUT Dyno Drags is the only event of its kind in the country making it unique for your venue.
For the Racers:
You, the motorcycle enthusiast, can safely race / run your own motorcycle in a standing ¼ mile run one on one in a 3 full race battle! After you have signed the release form, “you are in it to win it”!
The motorcycle and rider are loaded with front wheels locked into place and the rear strapped down for balance. Air blowers are focused on your bike to help keep all that horsepower cool during each race. All precautionary safety measures are taken for both the riders, motorcycles, and spectators to ensure all the adrenaline and excitement can be focused on improving your times during your three race battle. The weight of your bike is entered so the race can be more rider against rider abilities. This realistic race scenario starts out with a solid launch off the drag racing lighted tree while the launch times (60 feet, 330 feet, 1/8 mile and ¼ mile) are recorded by a computer to determine the winner. A custom All Out Dyno Drag sticker is documented with your race stats and is presented to each rider with their best time and speed for bragging rights!
Every rider has a story to tell. This is about, your bike and what you can do with it! Some of our best racing doesn’t always involve the fastest bikes. It’s your story and we want to hear it! Literally!!
For the spectators:
Your standing right in front of the stage cheering on your favorites with each race! We have installed two 55″ monitors for your viewing pleasure to watch the race speeds and times unfold in real time! There is also a 8000 watt entertainment system rocking out the jams with its own MC at the mic while the races unfold. You experience the perfect storm with your “hand horn” in the air!!
We are a very thunderous event!!