2021 almost in the books

With 2021 almost in the books, we look towards 2022. A couple things have happened over 2021. I, Geoffrey, bought the business from Scott at the beginning of September. With that, not many changes came about in how the business is operated but, we have upgraded the trailer some and are implementing more upgrades as we go.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Geoffrey Morgan. I am a Disabled Marine Corps Veteran. I served from 1999-2004. I am a father to 3 children. My oldest is about to get married in 2022 and she and her fiancé have given me a grandson. My oldest son is an Active Duty Marine MP Instructor. My youngest son is in the Army National Guard. We all currently live in Missouri and that is where the business is now located.

The crew that operates the business now is still family oriented, like Scott and Hunter. The crew of three is comprised of myself, my youngest son and my dad. My dad is a Vietnam Era Navy Seawolf. We enjoy operating this business as much as the folks who race on the Dynos. I am up front on the microphone, my son Jake is operating the Dynos and loading and strapping bikes and my dad does, well really whatever he wants to while making sure Jake has help. Operating as a family unit keeps us close together and we are able to operate as a well oiled unit.

Being based out of Missouri, it affords us to hit more of the western part of the country as well. We are pretty much centered in the United States, north, south, east and west.

Our crew is very knowledgeable in motorcycles. I own a custom shop called Mad Hatter Performance LLC and i enjoy building custom Harleys and Hot Rods. I have won a few build offs, Rat Rods United 2015, Blue Collar Build Off 2018 [second place], 2019 Best in Class, Best in Show and Builders choice, 2020 Best in Class, Best in Show and Builders Choice and have been featured in “The Horse Magazine”, “Quick Throttle Magazine”, “Thunder Roads Magazine” and a few others. My dad had been a biker for what seems like 100 years and my son has helped me in my shop since he was old enough to read wrench sizes.

I take my love for motorcycles, horsepower and racing seriously. I enjoy bringing new racers up onto the Dyno and creating an atmosphere where they feel comfortable in locking in their bike and racing it. I feel that is almost the highlight of every event, when we get new racers and give them an experience they will never forget. I also believe that I should keep the crowd involved. I do love to make bets and have a good time. I will get you involved and having fun whether you are racing or spectating.

As we look to 2022, we are actively scheduling events. We make it easy to schedule with us. Just call or email us and we will get your information, give you a price, email you a contract and then have to email us back a signed contract and send the deposit. We will create an event on Facebook and eventually, once I learn how, add it to the calendar here. We will be doing a ton of videos and adding them to our Instagram page and our YouTube page. We want everyone to be able to see what they did and be able to share their good times.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and we hope to see you at an event soon. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. we love to hear from you.


Geoffrey Morgan

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